ben bizzat kendim bir de blog.

oh baby baby it's wild world

yok yok şaka yaptım sibel can.

don't urge me ever, i cannot believe that
you did'nt love me as i did, i know
i cannot be the liar this time
i will humiliate you at once

i'm terrified when i speak of love
stubborn i am, i have many problems
lots of friends i have, but none of them is any cure to me

Oh when will it come to an end, this break up is very tough
i suffered a lot in this world
who will be the winner, we'll see

There is no sultan in this era,
There is no king,
There is no tycoon.
Don't be so sure of yourself
Nobody is sheikh
Nobody is the monarch.

hadi bakalım.

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  1. damla


    çok yoğunum derken bunu mu yapıyosun sen bakiim:)

    1 Haziran 2011 12:03